The workshop tackles the reation that exists between body and space. How do we experience, perceive and sense our space not with our eyes but via the senses of kinaesthesis and audition?  The students will experience themselves the interactive sound installation “Dans le noir”.  Interacting with a space via movement is a way to encourage participants to be physically active inside the space and stimulate the exploration of space. They will also be exposed to the concept of perception as an embodied and extended cognition via the presentations and lectures. The aim of the workshop is to achieve a deeper understanding of the physiological and psychological processes that are involved in the construction of space perception. Space perception is approached in relation to our body orientation, our gesture and movement qualities in space according to the embodied cognition concepts. Human perception is realized both through the stimuli received from human senses (Varela et al, 1993) and the projection of an individual categorization of the world (Godard, 2002). ++Varel and Thimpson

Students will be divided into multidisciplinary background groups and they will be involved in a creative process where the perception of space will play the key role. Based on the experience they will gain from the interactive sound installation and the lectures the participants are asked to design an installation that generates an experience that reveals to the public their perceptual scheme. This will be approached by shifting the perception scheme of the user of the installation. Participants should explore alternative ways of creating conditions where people would experience ways of interacting with their environment via a shift in their perception, in other words a loss of their perceptual references. The participants can focus either on the experience of an interactive installation or the documentation of the experience. The creativity will be a natural outcome from the emergence of this experience.

The project brief will be adapted according to the background of the students that will register for the workshop.

There is no specific background demanded in order to participate in the workshop. There is no particular restriction in the tools or the materials used.

Godard, H.. Le geste et sa perception, in Ginot, I. and Michel, M. La danse au xxème siècle, Paris: Larousse, 2002
Varela, F.J., Thompson, E.T. and Rosch, E., 1993. The Embodied Mind: Cognitive Science and Human Experience. Massachusetts, Cambridge: The MIT Press.


*Choose a sense

*Create a device

*Challenge/shift the perception of space of the user >> the interaction of the user with familiar spaces

*Document the experience (3 minutes video)


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