Christian Delécluse is an Associate Professor at École spéciale d’ Architecture ( in Paris since 2006. He has pursued a professional education in engineering, architecture, and visual arts. From 1998 to 2004, Christian lived in Montreal, Canada, where he collaborated with several artists to produce video and sound for dance projects. Currently living in Paris, France, he has collaborated with the agency PCA in various architectural projects including the transformation of the frontage of the CCC of Tours (presented to the Biennial of Venice in 2008), and the Pièce Lumineuse installation of the performance artist Orlan (presented at the Palais of Tokyo in 2006). In addition to his activity as an architect, Christian is increasingly interested in the impact of new technologies on the evolution of society and creates various interactive devices like Game Over Architecture and the Game of Life. In 2005, he became president of Anomos (association dealing with new practices in art based on the rise of new technology) and founded digital flesh (gestures and sensitive machines laboratory) with Armando Menicacci in 2007. His latest work is the installation Inner Spaces (video) which has been presented at the Biennale Internationale des Arts Numériques in Montreal in 2012.


Dorothea Kalogianni is a first year PhD student at the E.C.A. (Edinburgh College of Arts), of the University of Edinburgh. Her research is focused on interactive architectural environments. She also ran a Digital Media Studio project focused on interactive design with a small group of postgraduate students for the purposes of the Design and Digital Media masters course at E.C.A. entitled Body Traces. She holds a Msc in Adaptive Architecture and Computation from the Bartlett School of Architecture of the University College of London and a diploma in architecture from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.


>Special thanks to:

  • Edinburgh College of Art for the support and funding
  • Moray House of Education, University of Edinburgh for accommodating the event.
  • Matthew Collings, Reid School of Music, Alison House for the sound equipment.
  • Rachel Travers, ECA Reprographic Technician for the photographic equipment and her valuable help and guidance on technical issues.
  • Ian Gunn, ECA Computing Officer for the computing equipment.
  • Professor Richard Coyne and Dr John Lee for their helpful advice.

We would really like to also thank for the great help they provided us with in order to set up the installation Dans Le Noir for the purposes of the workshop the following students:

Horia Mocian, History of Art, Edinburgh College of Art, University of Edinburgh, UK

Kaikangwol Rungsakorn, Msc in Sound Design, Reid School of Music, Edinburgh College of Art, University of Edinburgh

Stella Mygdali, Msc by research in Architecture, Edinburgh College of Art University of Edinburgh, UK

Special thanks for helping with the registration of the participants of the workshop on the first day of the event to Lambrina Ntiva, Msc in Education, School of Education, University of Edinburgh.



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