helder     (Reproduced with permission from Digital Flesh. Available at: http://www.digitalflesh.org/principes.html)

The Digital flesh project was launched in 2007 by Armando Menicacci and Christian Delécluse as a laboratory of gesture and sensitive machines. The artistic approach is located at the articulation of creation, pedagogy, and research on topics dealing with our perceptions.

The human being, in his corporeality and his personal history, is at the heart of our activity. They use new technologies as a natural tool to establish an open relationship between a person and his environment. Their main goal is to constructs immersive sensitive environnement where people get the opportunity to explore themselves by renewing their perceptions.

They are currently promoting two projects. The first one offers a particular approach to improvisation (Under_score, choreographic apparatus for 8 performers), and the second one plays with altered states of consciousness of the spectator (In the dark…, sound interactive installation for only one spectator at a time).

For both aesthetic and political reasons, they prioritize and favour local collaborations in France and all over the world (Italy, Holland, Czech Republic, Turkey and Brazil). Additionally, they turn their projects into site-specific work by including local cultural references.


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