user experimenting_c“Dans le noir…” is an interactive sound installation created by the Digital Flesh group ( which consists of Associate Professor of l’ Ecole Spéciale d’ Architecture de Paris Christian Delecluse and his colleague Armando Menicacci Professor of Media Arts. Dans le noir is an interactive sound installation experienced only by one user at a time.  As soon as a user enters this installation blindfolded in a totally dark room, sounds begin to circle around her in response to her movements. This way, a constant dialogue between the body and its surrounding space emerges. More particularly the user of the installation via the ephemeral perpetual sounds that interact with her is immersed in a new environment where touch, sight and hearing converge to a synesthesic perception.

The temporary loss of the visual sense of the user when entering the installation blindfolded, instantly causes a loss of the perceptual references that the user normally has. We are used to experiencing space via our sense of vision which has become dominant in the modern western culture (Pallasma, 2005). In order for the participant to perceive her environment and interact with it she has to reorganize her chain of processes.

Sounds and voices are hidden in the user’s imagination. They either follow or avoid her indulging her body in a new dialogue with the soundscape surrounding her. In this new dialogue physical engagement generates sound alterations generating an immersive environment.

Pallasmaa, J., 2005. The eyes of the skin. Architecture and the senses. West Sussex: John Wiley and Sons Ltd.

dans le noir 1

Project history

November 2006 – workshop at CND (Centre National de la Danse, Paris, France) with professionnal dancers.

December 2006 – Dans le noir at l’Obervatoire de Paris for En:trance Festival

January/May 2007 – pedagogical Workshop with Claudie Bottier à Rosny-sous-Bois (17 years old students in dance).

May 2007 – Dans le noir at la Ferme du Buisson, France for Chari­vari festival.

September 2007 – Mars 2008 – artistic residency at Centre des Arts, Enghien les Bains. A new version of the installation is born

June 2008 – Dans le noir at CDA, Enghien, for Bains Numériques #3 Festival.

September 2008 – Dans le noir at the Médiathèque of Biarritz for le Temps d’aimer la Danse festival.

July 2009 – Dans le noir at FUCAM, Mons, Belgium for the City Sonics festival

November 2009 – Body as Interface, Bartlet Graduate School of the Build Environnement, UCL, London, UK.

November 2010.  Body as Interface, Bartlet Graduate School of the Build Environnement, UCL, London, UK.


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