The Space beyond Geometry is a 4 day multidisciplinary interactive design workshop and it will take place 18-21 June 2013 at Moray House School of Education of the University of Edinburgh.

It is a workshop funded and organized by the ECA (Edinburgh College of Arts) in collaboration with Associate Professor Christian Delécluse from Ecole Spéciale d’Architecture in Paris.

The workshop runs as part of the ESALA Design and Digital Media pg course .

The workshop will be based on the interactive sound installation Dans le noir. This installation has been created by the group Digital Flesh which consists of Christian Delécluse and his collaborator Armando Menicacci. This installation tackles the relationship between body and space. It looks into body movement and body orientation in space when space is sensed via the non-visual senses. Building upon the notions on movement analysis of dance artist and theorist Rudolf Laban and dance Professor and researcher Hubert Godard, Christian Delécluse  investigates on the kineasthetic experience of space.

Participants enter this installation blind folded. They are introduced to a space defined with physical boundaries in which they move influenced by interactive sounds which are generated by speakers fixed in particular positions in this space. The users’ reactions in space are monitored via a camera. The installation has been presented at art, dance and sound festivals in the past. In addition a workshop based on the installation was organized twice at the Bartlett School of Architecture of the University College of London in the academic years 2009-2010 and 2010-2011 as part of the Msc in Adaptive Architecture and Computation.

The workshop will involve 15 participants and it will provide them with practical experimentations based on their behaviour inside the highly sensorial environment that the  interactive sound installation “Dans Le Noir” generates. More specifically after the participants experience the installation they will be involved in a small group project in which they will try to express their own body to space experience by working on the preparation of a project that tackles creativity through the shift of perception.

The workshop will also include lectures that will cover theoretical background on notions of cognition and movement analysis including the works of dance theorists Rudolf Laban and Hubert Godard.

Lastly there is going to be a 2 hours body movement excercise seminar with a dancer. During those 2 hours the dancer will engage the participants in physical exercises so that to help them link the space with their body and expand their body in space. The aim is to explore together with the participants the way they relate to space and how their body involvement impacts their spatial perception.

Registration available until 14th of June at :



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